Before I Loc Again


I kept my hair down for the winter and early spring. I have my reasons for locking my hair, cutting my hair, and locking my hair again. Each loc set has a different reason, and I learn more from having each set of locs. I enjoyed my loose-natural hair for many months this time around, and now it is time for a new loc set.🙂

Happy New Year 2016

Enjoy the Year! Like I said, new changes are around the corner.  Do I still like locs? – Yes. Do I miss my locs? – Yes. Do I still help others with their locs? – Yes. Will I grow locs again? – ….. I’m not telling! 

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Happy 8th Locaversary!

I celebrate 8 years of locking a second time around.                                                                                                                       {Both Loc Sets = 16 years of rocking Locs!🙂  }                                                                                                                      New changes are around the corner for 2016. 

My 2nd Loc Set 7.10

My 2nd Loc Set 7.10