To Free Or Not to freeform

With my B-Day coming up soon, I have been watching a few videos on Y-Tube about rocking freeform locs. Last year I combined most of my starter locs, and after a shampoo last night, I said to myself (in my head), “This really feels good. No latching, no gels, and just air-drying my hair!”  (sorry, no pics at this time) 

I will leave this sister’s YouTube link about Growing Free-Form Locs here: Mylaylay


Happy New Year 2018!

I made my resolutions, and I kept one of them last year.  My hair is growing, and I am currently rocking my 3rd lock set. (No pictures yet) Queenlocks will be moving soon to another city, state. I will continue to support sisters (and brothers) who are interested in locking their hair. I have a lot of work to do, so it might be spring 2018 before I post anything new to this blog. Due to a family emergency, I will be celebrating Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Holiday at home, reading his “I Have a Dream” speech. 

So Many Holidays 2016

I do not get into who celebrates what with whom. All I will say at this point is have a wonderful holiday season. I will be making more hats, and taking more pics to post of my new loc journey. I look forward to the changes in 2017, 2018, and beyond.